Meet Patricia

Patricia was first elected as the MLA for Fairview-Clayton Park in 2013, she was re-elected in 2017. She has served in cabinet as both Minister of Communications Nova Scotia and Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services.

Patricia has worked with the Mobile Food Bus, Square Roots, The Salvation Army, Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre and many other organizations to help her community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patricia secured funding for the new multipurpose room at Centennial Arena. She also brought forward legislation to recognize diverse gender identities on provincial ID and brought numerous government services online for ease of access for residents.

Before entering politics, Patricia was a guidance counsellor and teacher. She was born and raised in Halifax. She is proud of her work with the Lebanese-Canadian community.

She is looking forward to continuing to work with the residents of Fairview-Clayton Park, as Team Rankin works to build a sustainable, equitable and economically strong Nova Scotia.